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Arts Studios
Applications Process

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Currently the studio spaces are all full, but if you are still interested please apply and when a room becomes available we will contact you to see if you are still interested and put your application forward to the board. 


To apply, please include the follow information. 

An artist’s statement describing your practice and areas of interest (up to 250 words).

Arts may come under the guise of Ceramics, Fibre, Mixed and Electronic media, Jewellery, Music, Painting, Photography, Poetry, Printing, Sculpture, Theatre and Writing.

Artists in their statement should demonstrate the following:

Commitment to their professional creative practice, aiming to make art for its creative, cultural, intellectual or philosophical value, as much as, and sometimes in preference to, its commodity value.

Using their space to further their artistic inquiry and or teach others that are doing the same on a regular basis.

Willingness to participate in public events, including an annual open studio event, and occasional studio visits.

We understand that artists often have to work a variety of additional jobs to fund their artistic careers and may not be using their rooms 24/7 but there is an expectation that they will be there for an average of 12 hours a week.

These rooms are available to those who do not have the financial resources to access the commercial rental market or don’t have a home | other studio that they can do this from.

5 to 10 images | links to recent work (2020 or later), with captions and a short description if necessary

  • A CV/Resume

  • Any relevant documentation (e.g. articles or papers about work, recordings, exhibitions, publications, events etc)

  • A cover sheet with name, contact address, e-mail and telephone number if available.


Please note that there is a 10MB limit on PDF submissions.​

If your file is not in PDF format,  is over 10MB or is incomplete, it will not be reviewed.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the layout of the studio spaces? These are individual rooms. 3m x 2.6m

  • Are they set up as separate rooms? Yes

  • Are the studios lockable? Yes

  • Is there storage space? There are cupboards in each room with shelving

  • What is the subsidised cost? From $83.00 per month

  • Do artists have 24hr access? The Wanaka Arts Centre is open for tenants from 8am-10pm with negotiable access outside of these hours.

  • Is there a wet room / large sink access for anyone working in screen printing or slightly larger scale wet media? Yes (with conditions).

  • Would you be willing to accept a joint application between two makers/artists to share a single space? It will depend on the nature of their work. If it is collaborate work then yes but otherwise will be considered case-by-case.

  • Is there available wifi? There is an option to set up wi-fi through a local company.

    • When do I apply? Email your application through and when a room becomes available you will be emailed back to see if you still are interested and then the successful applicant will be notified. So apply now.

If your answer is not listed above, or you need support in making an application, email for more info.

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