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Hire Our Space


Music, dance, painting, and theater are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment." -William Bennett

The main room is a large space ideal for workshops, discussions, creative planning meetings or tutorials for specific skill-sharing. It has great light from large north facing windows.

It is equipped with four trestle tables, various styles of chairs and a concert-pitch tuned piano.

Due to the carpeting, it is not ideal for very wet work but our trestle tables and chairs are easily cleaned down.

It also has basic facilities of a kitchenette,  with a large sink (for prepping nibbles but not for commercial food production).

The space is available from 8am to 10pm

All rentals are contingent upon compatibility with our exhibition and programming schedule.

The hourly rate for the main room hire is $22.00 (price increase due to follow on power increase)

There is a refundable bond.
Your rental fees directly support the artistic mission and operational maintenance of the Wanaka Arts  Centre.

You can make a provisional booking enquiry below. 

First time users are required to complete an induction of the building and sign a contract.

So please get in touch if you need further information.

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